Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday's Hook-in

The hook-in yesterday took a different turn. As I was going to go to the shop yesterday I thought, I better make plenty of room because a lot of people said they were coming today. Well the weather report changed some of that and we had a completely different crowd! First to arrive was Thelma and Naomi. They usually go to the Cumberland Valley Hook-ins the last Monday of every month at the Falling Springs Church in Chambersburg 10-2. Very nice group of ladies. Brenda Killian and Kim from the Black Sheep Group in East Berlin came in next from York, Pa. Then Deb and Lori from Chambersburg and Dianna and Sue from Hagerstown. Kathy was the first to arrive as usual but left at 3:30. Next came two ladies from Chambersburg Hospital (newbies) straight from work Linda and Linda. These ladies knew Pat and also knew of her many talents! A little later Nancee shows from Carisle, Pa. I kept checking for the snow that was predicted but we got just a dusting last night. Sorry no pictures, I had thought about it at one point and just didn't have time. Not that I am a picture taker anyways!

The shop got a lot of new wools in the past 2 weeks so we now have over 250 different textured wools washed and ready to hook! Plus Kathy's over dyed wools, Doris Aymar's beautiful abrashed wools and dipped dyed.

Hope everyone has a happy week and hope to see you next week! Just think Spring, Linda


Beth said...

lets impeach the weathermen!! we didnt come cause we thought the snow would start around seven... and I cant come next week cause of basketball games... Im soo bummed.. but will be there the following week... good thing you made alot of room.. you did have a crowd!!! Have a great week and try to stay warm!!

Nettie said...

Hi Linda...... Joanne and I really wanted to come to the hookin but of course the weather was calling for quite a bit of snow in our area and we did get at least 5 inches........ so glad you had some newbies and some of your regular gals..... So I guess you really did not need us... Only kidding... I really missed everybody and hope to see them soon!

Joanne said...

I wanted to come too! Got more shopping to do but the weather scared me away - should have come anyway didn't start here until after midnite!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

I'm so happy you had the turnout that you did! And soo happy to hear there were new hookers too :). Maybe I should leave early more often lol. It brings the out of the wood work!